After 15 years with the same insurance company and policy, recent wind
and hail damage to my roof prompt me to file a claim for the first
time. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when my insurance
adjuster came and told me I had minor wind damage and issued me a
check for $125.00 for a few lost shingles. I felt like the insurance
adjuster was not being truthful with me.
I then reached out to YPA and put it in their hands. Within the next
two weeks, YPA came out and documented all my damages including things
I did not previously look at. They documented everything, took
pictures, contacted and met with my insurance company to settle the
claim. My insurance company issued a 2nd check on the spot for over
$20,000 for my true property value loss. YPA was local, professional,
courteous and best of all, they did all the work because as I found
out, burden of proof is on the insured.

Thanks for the great job!

— R. Whitby