The way metal roofing panels are made and installed, having metal roofs have extremely high resistance to wind damage like hurricanes and tornadoes. Unlike having roof shingles, shakes, or tile, the vertical seam metal roof is usually installed with a continuous piece. This piece extends entirely from the roof’s lowest part to its highest part. This will greatly minimize the areas where precipitation and winds penetrates underneath the roof material that you have used for your steel building. This then makes steel roofing resistant to winds.

In addition to this, steel roofs also have the highest strength to weight ratio. They are also attached mechanically to the roof deck using screws. This then creates a roof that can be able to withstand any kind of pressure brought by strong winds.

In Calgary, you may experience some strong thunderstorms and snow storms. This is why there are a lot of people who opt using steel roofs for their establishment. Steel roofs in these kinds of places do not suffer from too much damage unlike asphalt shingles or tile roofs. Because of being wind resistant, steel roofing became a popular trend in the construction industry nowadays.

However, it is still inevitable to have your steel roof to be damaged. And you don’t need to worry about this. There are a lot of safety and protective measures that you can practice.

Nonstructural Protective Means

For you to be able to protect your steel roof against wind damage without having to make any kind of structural changes to your building, you can follow these tips:

• Remove trees and branches that can fall straight on your building’s roof.

• Repair any damaged or loose building components like sidings, soffits and fascia, brickwork, brick chimneys, and shingles and roofing.

With a strong wind brought by a hurricane or tornado, it will usually be accompanied by severe rainstorms and even torrential rains. Your building that is wind damage would suffer from water damages as well. The water that was driven by forced winds can easily enter through loosened openings. And usually, rain that enters through the damaged roof can also cause another problem for your steel metal. Just make sure to check your roof from leaks that may cause another problem in the future.

Structural Protective Measures

Another way to protect your roof from wind damage is by doing structural protective measures.

This is when you need to shell out some more money to maintain your roof and protect is from any damage. Your roof can be protected from being damaged by the wind by:

• Making sure that the plywood roof sheathing is installed in a proper manner.

• Brace your roof trusses.

• Install some hurricane or tornado straps.

Hurricane straps are usually made out of galvanized metal. This will help in keeping your roof fastened firmly and properly to the walls during strong winds. These straps are sometimes difficult to install. You may need a contractor to help you with this project.

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