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Dallas City in Texas continues to experience steady growth in its real estate industry notably on the commercial side. This is not really a wonder as Dallas is a large city which accommodates several huge industries consisting of the petroleum, transportation, banking, information technology and telecommunications sectors. But despite the growing economy, Dallas remains to be among the most affordable cities in the U.S., according to Forbes.

The Dallas Texas real estate industry has also maintained its momentum since it began experiencing its booming days back in the 1980s. The Dallas commercial real estate including the big buildings and skyscrapers was a major growth factor. In addition, the Dallas Metroplex accommodates numerous high-end shopping centers more than that of any other city or state in the U.S.

Experts reveal that the commercial real estate market in Dallas is in great condition compared to the residential properties. In terms of foreclosure, the percentage of Dallas office space, apartment, industrial and retail buildings is very small. This is due to the fact that commercial companies almost always have the financial resources to carry out their expansion and construction projects.

Dallas is seen to continue being a commercial real estate hub in the many years to come. Currently, new construction projects of condos and townhouses are widespread around this booming city. The other good news is that many of the office spaces previously available in Dallas have already been occupied or pre-leased. The central business district of the city has reduced its office vacancy rate to 24 percent as of end of September 2007.

Dallas commercial real estate

The year 2007 has proved to be favorable for the Dallas commercial real estate sector. Latest reports from Cushman & Wakefield say office tenants that have been expanding and relocating have leased 1.5 million square feet more of office space in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the first half of the year. The third quarter net leasing has also soared nearly 90 percent from totals in mid-2007. A recent report by Delta Associates showed that Dallas-Fort Worth is seen to accommodate an average of 4.8 million square feet of office space each year until 2010.

As for construction, an estimated 6.9 million square feet of office space is now being built in Dallas-Fort Worth as of the middle of 2007 and this is bigger than in 2006. Of the estimated office space being constructed, more than 40 percent is already pre-leased. Rents have also risen to seven percent from the 2006 rates. Third quarter figures show that office rents averaged $19.42 per square foot while rents for medical office space rose 12 percent to $24.4 percent.

With all these positive developments going on, the future of Dallas commercial real estate is indeed looking bright. Many real estate investment firms are seeing a low vacancy rate and substantial rent gains this 2007. Developers are also projected to provide 2.6 million square feet of office space by the end of the year while building owners are expected to ask for higher rents as a result of lower vacancy. The reduction in vacancies is being attributed to the surge in employment by 3.2 percent covering more than 900,000 jobs by year end.


Foundation Problems in Dallas, Texas

One of the most common problems that our public adjuster team at YPA faces in Dallas Texas, has to do with plumbing leaks caused by foundation problems. If foundations are not laid correctly, then pipes can suffer from excess pressure around the connecting sectors, leading to an increased risk of bursting. This problem can eventually cause flooding and water damage within a home.
If you have experienced this problem yourself, our insurance adjuster experts can help you to create a claim that best suits your needs, so that you can receive the best possible compensation for your home disaster experience.

Thunderstorms in Dallas, Texas

Both Dallas and Texas are often exposed to common concerns like thunderstorms which are dangerous and may produce property-damaging issues like lightning. On average, lightning is responsible for killing around 51 people in the US each year and injuring hundreds more.
Dangers that might also be associated with thunderstorms in Dallas, may include strong winds, hail, tornadoes, and flash flooding. If a storm causes damage to your property or leads to problems with commercial roofing, we can help. Our team of public adjuster experts have years of experience working with claims based on damage caused by thunderstorms.

Tornadoes in Dallas, Texas

Tornadoes are rotating, funnel-shaped clouds that can appear during thunderstorms. They are particularly prevalent in Dallas Texas, which is why our YPA claims adjuster team is well equipped to negotiate with Texas-based insurance providers when it comes to dealing with Tornado damage.
Dallas is an extremely high-risk area for tornadoes. According to records, the largest tornado within the Dallas area to date was an F4 that took place in 1994, causing 48 injuries and approximately 3 deaths. Since 1950, Dallas Texas has been host to 232 tornadoes and experiences an average of four of these natural disasters per year.

Winter Storm Damage in Dallas, Texas

Finally, though winter storms may not appear to be as dangerous as lightning storms or tornadoes, they can cause just as much damage under the right circumstances. In Dallas, winter storms can range from moderate snowfall over a few hours, to blinding wind-driven hail that lasts for several days.
Since hail can frequently lead to commercial roofing damage and property damage, our insurance claims experts are well-equipped to help you navigate the concerns associated with applying for compensation following winter storm damage in Texas.

Be Prepared for Anything with YPA

Though Dallas, Texas, can be a wonderful home for many people, and an excellent place to visit, it’s also plagued by a number of severe weather concerns and natural disasters that can leave home and property owners feeling uneasy.
At YPA, we can’t stop tornadoes, winter storms, and lightning storms from taking place, but we can offer you the help you need to make sure that you don’t have to worry about negotiating with an insurance company right after you’ve been exposed to disaster.
Our insurance adjuster experts know how to evaluate and assess your claim carefully so that you can file the best possible claim for compensation based on your policy guidelines, and the details of your loss.
If you’d like to discuss the details of your property damage further or speak to one of our public adjuster experts, please contact us today!
Though we can’t prevent you from experiencing the stress, loss, and damage that comes with a natural disaster, YPA can offer you the peace of mind and guidance that you need to pick yourself up after an unexpected catastrophe causes damage to your home or property.


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