We can help you stay afloat!

Choosing a public adjuster can be scary – we know! The final settlement amount of your claim can be a direct reflection on the person or firm you choose to navigate your claim. Thank you for considering YPA in your decision to select a public adjuster.

YPA: Flood Damage Insurance Adjusting Experts

If you feel like you are sinking along with your belongings, there is hope.

There are countless benefits of hiring YPA PUBLIC ADJUSTERS to manage the entire claim. Handling a flood claim is very stressful, and the financial impact can be crippling if the claim is not managed properly.

Contents inventory alone can be a daunting task for someone who has just lost everything to a flood. Our professionals are experienced in this overwhelming task and all other aspects of your claim.

Our staff is equipped to handle:

  • Inspect and estimate the claim loss
  • Inventory contents including photos and pricing
  • Meet with insurance adjuster and experts
  • Request advanced payment from the insurance company
  • Negotiate the entire claim process
  • Appeal denials with FEMA


What to expect:

While flood claims can be the worst type of claim to have, our experience and expertise can make the process easier on your mind and your wallet. Here are some basic expectations when you experience a flood: Assuming you get an experienced adjuster, they should inform you that they do not actually have any paying authority, but rather will make recommendations based on findings. The claim should be approved based on those findings. A seasoned adjuster will typically have a certain way to conduct inspections. They will typically lead you room-by-room explaining what they are recommending and why (taking measurements, pictures, and thorough notes). You more than likely will not agree with everything they want to salvage, so be sure to take good notes on the items you are in disagreement.