Our Services Save Your Time & Money

Allowing YPA Public Adjusters to handle your property damage insurance claim means that you get to spend your time and energy elsewhere. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time discussing designs, colors and your vision for restoring the property and using this opportunity to make desired changes.

So don’t spend your time and energy attempting to navigate and negotiate a complicated claim while struggling to get the claim settled.

Let YPA Public Adjusters do it for you. We handle new claims and denied claims. Our team of licensed public adjusters are on standby to help as needed throughout the entire claims process. Contact YPA Public Adjusters today!

One Call Does It All

Our team of public adjusters are licensed, experienced, and determined to see that you are satisfied with the outcome of your claim.

  • We are licensed and bonded public adjusters.
  • Our team includes former insurance adjusters and agents, giving us inside industry knowledge.
  • Collectively, we have worked thousands of insurance claims and settled millions of dollars worth of losses.

Expert Documentation

Thorough documentation is key to proving a loss and is necessary to properly prove your claim. The team at YPA utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to prove losses depending on the need and type of loss.

  • Estimates
  • Photo reports
  • Thermal imaging
  • Moisture mapping
  • HVAC reports
  • Weather reports
  • Inventories
  • Lab tests
  • Accounting reports
  • Engineering
  • Core sampling


Communication and persistence are the catalyst that drive our public adjusters to make sure that your claim settles sooner rather than later.

  • We base our negotiations on facts.
  • Our connections in the industry help during the negotiation process.
  • Previously settled claims also help as they are good reference points.


We will devise a plan that revolves around your timeline and needs, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

  • Having an experienced representative on your side who can anticipate the next obstacle while navigating the claim will help you make better decisions concerning how to keep your business operational during the claim process.
  • You set the parameters and we work with you to get where you need to be.
  • We can also help as a resource of information during the repair process.

One Call Does It All!

YPA: How Can We Help You

YPA assists the policyholder in recovering what is owed by proving the loss. Insurance companies lead you to believe that it is their job to determine what is owed on a claim when in reality, based on the language in your policy, it is your job to prove the loss. The choice is yours, you can hire a professional to represent, manage, estimate and handle your claim, or stay on the sideline and watch the insurance company determine the outcome of your claim.
We handle both new and denied claims.  By consulting with us on your new claim, you are not only leveling the playing field from the start, but you have proactively put yourself in a much better position to get the claim paid right and within a reasonable amount time.  However, if your claim has been denied or closed, we can custom tailor a plan to resolve the situation.

Claims can be devastating.  Wouldn’t it be great to spend your time and energy with your contractor, board members, business partners or family discussing designs, colors and your vision on how best to restore the property and take this opportunity to make any necessary or desired changes.  The alternative is spending your energy attempting to navigate and negotiate complicated claim and explaining to everyone why you are struggling getting the claim settled?

We are on standby ready to help.  Whether you are looking to resolve a roof claim that you have been struggling with for months, or a fire claim that you want settled right away, we are the right company to have in your corner.  From all of us at YPA, we thank you for considering our team of claim professionals in your decision to hire a public adjusting firm.  We look forward to the opportunity to work on your behalf.



Ready to find out how easy life can be? We would love to chat with you concerning how YPA Public Adjusters can assist you with your insurance claim.