Texas Storm and Water Damage Claims

Storm Damage Claims in Texas

Texas has been hit with dozens of major floods throughout the years, which have caused hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars in damage. Because of it’s location in a low-lying wetland near the Gulf Coast, Houston in particular is subject to flooding from weather conditions ranging from heavy thunderstorms to hurricanes and tropical storms. The heavy residential and commercial development across Harris County, especially on the relatively higher ground north and west of Houston’s center, has caused drastic changes to the area’s natural drainage system. The crucial freshwater wetlands which collect and retain water have been rapidly filled in since the early 1950s, and as the city continues to grow the millions of gallons of water produced by large storms simply has nowhere to go.

Severe Rain and Wind Damage

Severe rain and wind damage can easily wreak havoc on a home or business. Whether you’ve experienced water damage, roofing, siding or structural damage to your property, contact YPA Public Adjusters immediately. Our emergency response team will arrive on the scene and put a plan of action together to document the damages and get in touch with your insurance agency.

If your property has experienced a heavy storm, call on us to have your property inspected and documented to file a claim. With decades of experience, we can determine just how much damage was done and what is required to quickly fix it to return to its normal state.

Hail Damage

Has your home been affected by hail damage? If your home has been affected by hail damage, roof, siding and window repair may be necessary. Hail damage can sometimes not be visible to the naked eye. However, this does not mean hail damage didn’t happen. This is why you should call on YPA Public Adjusters.

Texas Hail Damage Claims

While you may not think small pellets of ice can’t do lots of damage to quality built home, numerous small hail hits over time can have the effect of dislodging roofing granules and exposing the shingle matting. Lots of dings & dents on metal roofing can eventually lead to rust or to possible roof leaks. This is why hail issues can lead to big problems down the road.

After a hail storm, it is wise to call YPA Public Adjusters and have our professional roofing experts inspect your roof and property for damage.

Storm Damage to Homes and Businesses

Damages caused by hurricanes, wind storms, and flooding can be serious, and classifying the damage properly is important because many times that will govern which insurance policy will cover repairs and replacements. Flood insurance policies and homeowners’ insurance policies differ in their coverage and exclusions. Whether or not the damages occurred as a result of the rising and overflowing of a body of water onto normally dry land will be an important factor, if not the deciding factor, in making this determination.

Unfortunately, many homeowners filing claims and expecting relief from their losses find out that the insurance companies regularly deny or lower property claims related to storm damage. Insurance companies may deny a claim for any number of reasons that range from pre-existing damage to neglect and everything in between.

Document the Storm Damage

Although dealing with extensive flood and water damage can be a very emotional process, commercial property owners and homeowners should document as much as they can to prepare for a claim. If your home has been damaged by flooding, we recommend compiling the following information to increase your chances for a successful claim:

    •  Photographic Evidence – Be sure to have photos on hand of the damage caused by the storm to the exterior, interior and property within the home. We recommend taking pictures of the common structures in the house as well as the foundation, too.
    • Estimates, Invoices and Receipts – Keep copies of any repair estimates you might receive. Additionally, be sure to collect any receipts or additional involves for the repairs made on the house. For personal possessions, gather your original receipts if you can and collect the receipts for any replacement items you might purchase. If you rent a hotel or experience additional costs because you are unable to return to your home, be sure to keep those receipts and document all expenses you incur as well.
    • Phone Conversation Notes and Contact Info – If you have any contact with insurance representatives or others related to your claim, be sure to take good notes and record the name of the person that you spoke with. In addition to this information, homeowners often consult with an attorney that understands homeowner insurance litigation and your legal rights as a policyholder.

Hurricane Irene is now in the history books but its wake has left flooding, wind damage and other devastation estimated at over $7 billion dollars. The American Red Cross said that it had housed at least 27,000 people along the East Coast in temporary shelters because of Irene.

One of the complications of insurance coverage and reconstruction after a hurricane or other major storm is that your home or business is very unlikely to be the only one to have suffered major damage. It might therefore take time to get a claims adjuster out to your property, to get contractors to inspect damage and submit bids, or to find suitable substitute housing for what might turn out to be months away from your own home.

In any insurance claim, consumers should be fairly represented by the insurance company to whom they pay a premium, and often, a deductible. It is important for a bad faith claimant to recognize, however, the economic and time costs associated with proceeding with a bad faith claim can be large.

YPA Public Adjusters can advise and represent property owners when their insurance companies resist full payment on storm damage claims. We can help you get the benefit of your insurance protection at all stages of the claims process, from emergency living expenses to complete coverage of repair and reconstruction.