Texas Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire Damage Claims in Texas

A fire in the home or at your business is something which is truly heartbreaking. The fire itself is destructive enough, but the consequences of a fire do not stop once it is extinguished.  Smoke and damage to your home by fire can be a truly devastating experience. But it’s incredibly important to contact us at YPA Public Adjusters as soon as possible following the fire and smoke damage. The sooner we can get to your property to assess the damage and begin the restoration process, the better.

YPA is your top Texas Fire Damages Insurance coverage Public Adjuster

At YPA, our company assists the insurance holder to recoup exactly what is obligated to the insurance holder. If you lose your belongings and your home due to fire – you need aid from a registered public adjuster like YPA.

In most cases, a fire burns a building from the inside out. Even if the fire was small and contained to one room, the smoke travels, so you are more than likely to have more damage than you actually can see. Smoke absorbs itself into the walls, carpets, and even clothing. There could be a long-lasting lingering smoke smell if the structure was not properly cleaned.

YPA Helps Policy Holders

At YPA, we help the policyholder recover what is owed because we prove the loss. If you have a fire claim that you want to be settled correctly, you need the assistance of a licensed public adjuster. We assess the damage and work with your insurance company, making your life easier during this challenging time.

Your Fire Damage Insurance Adjusting Experts

When you Hire YPA Public Adjusters, It Becomes Our Job To:

  • Thoroughly document and inventory all of your contents, this includes the daunting task of taking photographs and pricing.
  • Provide a detailed scope and estimate that is a quality professional report.
  • Turn-key handling of your claim process.
  • Pursue full settlement of your claim, both structure and contents, based on your policy coverage.

Along with a couple of basic actions, our team could help you to recognize just what to perform and also where to prepare your paperwork when working with the insurance provider after you experience fire damage.

Fire Damage

There is no discounting the danger and disruption a fire can cause. These damages can range from just a room or two to a total loss. Each fire claim is very different and there is no “standard” situation.

With a few simple steps, we can help you understand what to do and where to set your expectations when dealing with the insurance company after you experience fire damage.

fire damage fort worth claim adjuster

  1. Under safe conditions, take very detailed photos before touching anything.
  2. Use common sense and remove only what you cannot live without.
  3. Beware of anyone removing or “packing out” your contents (including anyone “sent” by the insurance company). Find out upfront what you are being charged and what the “scope of work” will be.
  4. Take notes when you meet with your insurance company adjuster.
  5. Ask questions. Keep in mind the age of your home (asbestos/lead) and belongings (number of items).
  6. Do your homework before hiring anyone (restoration companies, cleaning companies, etc).

HIRE YPA PUBLIC ADJUSTERS to do these things for you.