Hurricane Hits Puerto Rico

1. Roofing

The 130-156 mph generated by Hurricanes in Category 4 level can rip off or lift even the most durable roof off from houses and buildings. Regardless of whether the breakdown will be insured will depend on a few aspects: How old is the roof structure? Has it been damaged in the past? Was it in need of restoration? And most importantly, what kind of insurance plan was purchased? If it’s quite new and in good condition, the majority of standard insurance policies will pay out to fix the roof structure back to the state, it was in before the hurricane, and several insurance policies will also pay for a fully new roof structure.


Puerto Rico Commercial properties go through significant losses in hurricanes.

2. Interiors

When the roofs are ruined, and house windows and doors are ripped off or broken, heavy rain falls, and flying debris can get into houses, harming the wall surfaces, floors and home furniture in the process. One other interior issue? The growth of molds! Public adjuster notes that there is a high probability of mold. When weeks have passed – the mold is evident in the drywall. Most policies have limitations for mold as a ‘type’ of damage.

When browsing through a hurricane or windstorm insurance claim, it is significant to hold a few key elements in mind:
It is your accountability to protect the site and make sure that there is no illegal access, and also to minimize any additional property damage.

Your insurance policy probably has a windstorm deductible that is different compared to your standard deductible. Based on the degree of your damages and losses, this deductible – usually a direct percentage of your overall claim – can accumulate rapidly.
You should fully understand your mold coverages – if it’s covered, excluded, capped. Mitigating the possibilities for mold, in the beginning, is a significant phase toward containing your recuperation costs.


Hurricane insurance coverage for business demands is almost always very challenging, comprising a lot of diverse insurance policies to deal with the complete variety of a property’s needs. It is up to policyholders to ensure the insurance coverage matches the present condition of the property, and they initially need to fully understand the tiers of coverage that apply to the property and the varieties of hurricane losses that could be integrated.

Flood-damaged property. Hurricane insurance policies usually don’t include protection for flood or storm-surge destruction after a hurricane, but industrial properties are what commonly covered by their different flood insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Get more information about commercial insurance policy of storm-surge losses.

Our public adjusters can assist through:

  • Hurricane commercial insurance claim YPA Public Adjusters reviewing your insurance coverage
  • Identifying insurance policy compliance concerns
  • Building a claim management approach
  • Filling out comprehensive valuations of building, machines and inventory losses


  • Making business interruption models;
  • Constructing extensive claim presentations with professional reports
  • Expediting the insurance claims overall procedure.

Our public adjusters work specifically for the policyholder-not the insurance company- making it possible for us to work in your best interest. As your advocate, we make sure that both you and your business’ hurricane damage claim are handled reasonably by the insurance company.