Six Months After Hurricane Maria

It has been six months since the devastating Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico and signs of the devastation and destruction are still everywhere. For those who were fortunate enough to have property insurance, that’s about where the good fortune ends. Most are still waiting for the insurance company to adjust the claim and pay for the damages caused by this powerful storm.

YPA feels your pain and we understand the urgency of the situation. Catastrophe adjusters were already in over their heads with storm related insurance claims from Texas (Hurricane Harvey) and Florida (Hurricane Irma) when Maria reared her ugly head. With insurance company adjusters and CAT adjusters already stretched so thin from the first two storms, this left Puerto Rico on the waiting list with no end in sight.

Now, six months later, Puerto Rico is still waiting for help from the insurance companies. Business owners and property owners are still struggling but somehow seem to be managing under damaged roofs, doing whatever it takes to live and operate. Some saw an adjuster early on and possibly received a small advance on their claim, while others still haven’t see an insurance adjuster at all. Those who did receive an advance, are still waiting to see an estimate of the total damages and are waiting to hear back from someone who can help.

YPA has a team of experienced licensed public adjusters who understand the urgency of the situation and are here in Puerto Rico to help. We understand the scope of damages and what it takes to properly inspect, estimate, and negotiate these properties. Whether it’s – a medical facility trying to maintain operations from one wing of a severely damaged building; a condo building attempting to bandage the problems so tenants can maintain day to day living; or the corner grocery store who is just closed and out of business until the insurance company comes through with their promise of making the policyholder whole again – we are here to help you.

To add insult to injury, now renewal premiums are due and those premiums are more than quadrupling in lots of cases. This is a hard pill to swallow since the properties are still in despair and any extra money the policyholder has is needed to bridge the gap until insurance proceeds are received for the current damage. In addition, another hurdle to navigate is the fact there is a lack of supply resulting in gouging on pricing for labor and materials. Combined with the normal day to day obstacles this area has with political issues, it’s a mess.

Summer is just around the corner which means the possibility of more rain and damaging storms and possibly another devastating hurricane season. This is exceptionally worrisome when so many still haven’t recovered from the last one. YPA is here to help you so give us a call. We understand the urgency and are ready to hit the ground running with you.